Existing Palm Springs


320,000 sqm

5 Star Club

250,000 above

90,000 below


Happiness Plaza in the Lake


A+B = 5 Hectares (50,000 sqm, 12.4 Acers, 538,000 sq. ft.)


C = 1.5 Hectares  (15,000 sqm,  3.7 Acers, 161,400 sq. ft.)


GFA  5            Plot Ratio


C+D are Minimal + Modern


Area from A/B/C can mix and link


A+B will be Time Warner in New York – 300,000 sqm  - 150m to 180m High


10m Height limit on Happiness Plaza, but some things can break it  - “COMO”


Landmark at the end of Workers Stadium Road, which has lots of well-known hotels to west.


C should have same construction style as A+B, modern exterior character


A/B/C/D and Peninsula are one complete master plan for government submittal


C is clear and ready to go for first phase


A/B/D can be 150-180m


C is lower because of shadow with small unit for rent


D is hotel


A+B can link to C with bridge


A+C and existing Palm Springs have link at the corner
















Main traffic flow is East/West


Visible from Airport Road and outskirts (5th Ring Road)


D is mostly for planning and may not get built


Program/Functional like Time Warner but not so much the Style


C can be 60/80/130 sm units


Sun shade from buildings


Circulation Network


Variation in Height
















3 level pedestrian element on site C


A+B+C landscape may be better if it is shared because C is small


30% landscape at grade possibly, but should not be a limitation of the design


Car park below grade


2 Level Parking on A+B and 3 levels on C


Masterplan First Phase


Site C Second Phase



Function / Massing / Elevation


5th – 20th         Initial Idea Sketch Model


20th – 27th      Refine


30th                 Visit LA and review


Foreign Investment Moves Property Prices up


Successful Project for the Society


Architecture Show in October


Follow Distribution of Time Warner for Program Distribution


Site C - 60 – 120 sm Studio – For Sale


Events in Chao Yang Park


May 1 – Labor Day

Oct 1 – National Day

Biggest Festivals


March 5 – Planting Day


May 1-5 Music


June 1 – Family


Feb up to DD

Include subs

Broken out

Use local struct.




Podium takes up site


Apartment on top


Corner Plaza


One Scheme like Time Warner and one like the



Study the view

Sony Center (Germany) entry from multiple points


View to/from park

Landmark – Iconic

Street level activities


Entry from park side


Time Warner approp for land


Site C they like the Davis Brody Bond one sutton pl. north E 51St Street