Anthony J. Lumsden & Associates (AJLA) is an architectural design firm with offices in Los Angeles.  Anthony J. Lumsden, Design Principal for AJLA, is recognized for his award-winning experience with a wide variety of projects including educational facilities, laboratories, colleges, auditoriums, airports, convention centers, housing projects, transportation system structures and stations, port cargo facilities, office buildings and municipal civic facilities.

AJLA's architectural services provide a unique approach to the design process, which has proven beneficial to previous clients.  AJLA conceives of its projects as 'client-user buildings'.  Client interaction throughout all phases of the project is necessary to the create a successful solution.  Excellence in architecture is achieved by providing innovative solutions to client needs.  AJLA guarantees that Principals participate directly in the design and management of the project on a daily basis.

Design Principal Anthony Lumsden of AJLA has been responsible for the architectural design of numerous projects worldwide.  AJLA has extensive experience both in the United States and in Asia.  Since its inception, AJLA has proven its ability to deliver award winning projects of various program types by providing:

AJLA personnel are known by past clients, contractors, critics, and peers for their experience in delivering a quality project.  Anthony Lumsden of AJLA was recently selected by the Southern California Contractors as "Best Architect” in Construction Link magazine.  This acknowledgment is valued for its recognition of AJLA's capability to provide appropriate world-class facilities within budgetary constraints."  In a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, architectural critic Leon Whiteson wrote, "The Los Angeles architect with the longest track record and most respected reputation in the design of public projects is Anthony Lumsden."  Lumsden is included among a select list of eminent architects in the recent publication American Architecture, by Paul Heyer.  Aside from Lumsden's professional experience, he has served as architectural advisor for the U.S. State Department and as a member of the Urban Design Advisory Committee for the Mayor of Los Angeles.


Team continuity, flexibility and principal involvement are three key components to the project team approach to services.  The same team will remain involved with the work throughout to ensure quality, accuracy and continuity.  Effective quality control and design coordination are achieved through an integrated team approach and continuity of individual team members under the leadership of the Project Principal.  The various consultants required for their specific expertise will be involved from the inception of the project.

AJLA is very experienced in cost control, value engineering and  construction management methods and their typical application to building construction cost.  The basics of costs control are the evaluation of the proper allocation of construction dollars in relation to user benefit during the initial design phases.  AJLA uses a system of plan & section analysis combined with building configuration evaluation during the early phase of design. Costs implication of alternative design are understood & formulated.  In addition, the design and building configuration alternatives are assessed as to their effects on each construction fabrication component including structure, mechanical, electrical, civil, materials & construction systems.

Correct design procedures and decision especially during the initial phases are the most productive and powerful cost control tools.  Material substitution, design changes and other cost cutting  proposal during later phases are a very poor substitute to design cost awareness which properly used can reinforce all the client goals.


Quality control is enhanced by the substantial input of all of the team members throughout all phases of the project.  They will review and coordinate for consistency between disciplines, check for completeness and accuracy, and constantly monitor code issues.  The Project team has the ability to share their data electronically with each consultant.  Data is transferred on computer discs or is modemed between various consulting disciplines to provide shared data bases and ensure consistency within the final product.

Another key to quality control is the effective monitoring of costs.  Alternatives are evaluated for their cost effectiveness to help achieve the best possible design within a given budget.


Buildings should be enjoyed by the user, awareness of nature and access to the constantly changing external natural conditions are important parts of the overall psychological comfort inhabitants experience while utilizing a building.  Views, qualitative spatial variety, sectional interest and spaces that benefit from diurnal changes in natural light, especially in common use areas, enliven the experience for the user.