AJLA is an architectural design firm based in Los Angeles recognized for his award-winning design solutions and experience with a wide variety of project types for a wide variety of clients.

We achieve excellence in architecture by providing innovative solutions to our clients' needs and goals.

We encourage our clients to interact with us throughout all phases of the project. This process is often a very valuable asset in the creation a successful solution. We also guarantee that principals participate directly in the design and management of the project on a daily basis.

Clients, contractors, critics, and peers know AJLA personnel for their experience in delivering high quality award-winning projects. Although our buildings and personnel have received many design awards including the LA AIA Gold Medal for design excellence, our clients' satisfaction with our products has always been our first measure of success.

Buildings must be enjoyed by the people that use them.

Our management philosophy is based on achieving our clients' goals as well. Effective quality control and design coordination are achieved by an integrated team approach and continuity of individual team members. Team continuity, management flexibility and principal involvement are three key components to the project team approach to architectural services to ensure quality, accuracy and continuity. Design, management and cost control are inseparable components to a successful architectural solution. In fact, correct design procedures and decisions, especially during the initial phases, are the most productive and powerful cost control tools. Another key to quality control is the effective monitoring of costs. Alternatives are evaluated for their cost effectiveness to help achieve the best possible design within a given budget. AJLA is very experienced in cost control, value engineering and construction management methods and their typical application to building construction cost.